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Fella Health helps middle-aged men live 10 years longer. We are the telemedicine clinic for bigger guys, worldwide. We use medical weight loss treatment to solve our fellas' most pressing healthcare need, then remain a fella's core healthcare provider for the rest of their life - focused on men's health, mental health, and primary care. We will have served 1 million fellas by the end of 2026, and 10 million fellas by the end of 2028. Our mission is to solve male obesity worldwide, by accelerating the take-up of GLP-1s in middle-aged men. From this, we’ll become the world’s leading men’s health brand. We’ve grown >40x since Sept 2022 (currently growing >30% MoM), are cashflow positive, have expanded our state coverage to >90% of US population, and have started to expand our clinical protocol beyond weight (e.g. testosterone) We're still a young startup and are moving quickly. We have a **long** way to go. This is still Day 1. You can read more about working at Fella here: [https://fella.notion.site/Working-at-Fella-14a2ac8575d34d148d009bb410387af4](https://www.notion.so/Working-at-Fella-Health-14a2ac8575d34d148d009bb410387af4?pvs=21) We're backed by top healthcare & consumer investors: - Y Combinator - Global Founders Capital — backed Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, Revolut, Rocket Internet - AngelList Early Stage Fund (backed by Naval Ravikant) - BrandProject (venture-builder behind 2 unicorns) - The founders of Indeed, Curative (unicorn), Alan (unicorn), Kaia Health (>$300mil valuation), Vouch Insurance (>$500mil valuation), Not Boring (Packy McCormick)
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